Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates

Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates

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Author: Myers, Tim J.

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Publisher: West Margin Press

Release Date: 09-04-2019

Details: Product description 2020 Storytelling World Resource Award Honoree Inspired by the 1863 Egg War and the mad rush for murre eggs on the Farallon Islands near San Francisco, Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates is a high-seas adventure story celebrating the courage and history of Chinese immigrants in America through a fascinating yet little-known event during the California Gold Rush era. Yao Bai is finally old enough to sail with his father and uncle to the Farallon Islands, to gather the precious eggs seabirds lay there. But on their way home they encounter trouble on the sea―pirates! Just when Yao’s father and uncle believe their hard day’s work would all be gone, Yao comes up with a clever plan. But will it be enough to save all the eggs? Review "Myers tells an enjoyable folklike tale that weaves in some aspects of the life and culture of Chinese immigrants during the California Gold Rush, including racism emanating from the white pirates." ( Kirkus) "Sailing around the San Francisco Bay harvesting seabird eggs, Yao Bai just wants to spot a whale. But the arrival of competitors turns the peaceful trip into a fight for survival. Inspired by the natural wonders of the Farallon Islands and true tales of pirates, miners, and explorers, Yao’s story is rich in history, culture, and legend, set in the heart of the Chinese immigrant community amid the craze of the California gold rush." ( Foreword) “You’ve written the kind of story that will delight (and enlighten) 4th graders and their teachers.” ( Connie Yu, historian, Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (San Jose), Chinese Historical Society of America (Board Member Emeritus)) From the Author "Without knowing it, I began writing this story when my family and I took a cruise to the Farallon Islands west of San Francisco. For much of the year these great rocks are pounded by surf, blasted by winds, or lost in smothering fog. But we went on a sunny autumn day. And not only did we circle those strange, moonscape islands, we also saw whales―breaching humpbacks and enormous blues―as well as thousands of seabirds. On that trip we also learned about egg gathering on the islands. When streams of would-be millionaires arrived during the Gold Rush, supplying food to them was a major problem. Farmers would sometimes attach the names of miners to the branches of pear trees, having sold each piece of fruit before it grew! The presence of so many eggs just off the coast naturally brought egg gatherers. At one point a gunfight even erupted, in which five men were wounded and one killed. And there really were egg pirates. That day was this book's birthday." ( Tim J. Myers) About the Author Tim J. Myers is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. He is the author of numerous children’s books, including Basho and the Fox, which made the New York Times best-seller list for children’s books and was chosen by Smithsonian Magazine as a notable book. Myers lives in Santa Clara, California, where he also lectures at Santa Clara University. Bonnie Pang is an award-winning illustrator and comic artist from Hong Kong. She holds a degree in Geography from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master’s in Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts University. Bonnie loves drawing animals and spreading positive vibes through her art, and can be found playing with her dog, cooking new dishes, and taking walks in nature.

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