Lucy and Chester's Amazing Adventures!
Lucy and Chester's Amazing Adventures!

Lucy and Chester's Amazing Adventures!

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Author: Benson, G Brian

Brand: G. Brian Benson


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Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 38

Publisher: G. Brian Benson

Release Date: 04-03-2018

Details: Product description Spark Your Child's Creativity, Empower Their Being and Open up Their Minds! This book was strategically designed to take your child on a rhyming adventure around the globe and into the stars to show them a world without limits. Your child will feel inspired as they get swept away with Lucy and her stuffed rabbit Chester. Travel and share new and exciting experiences meeting unique, kind people and animals from many different cities and countries. Open your child's wings and let their imaginations wander and their creativity soar! Studies have demonstrated that the better children are at detecting rhymes the quicker and more successful they will be at learning to read (Bradley, 1988c, Bradley & Bryant, 1983, Ellis & Large, 1987). Want your child to feel empowered, inspired and fulfilled? Then get this book now!!! Review Every time I read "Lucy and Chester's Amazing Adventures!", I am swept away into the adventures! I AM Lucy for a time and my imagination soars. G. Brian Benson's charming story, told in rhyme, is perfect for readers and dreamers of all ages. Paul Hernadez's wonderful illustrations capture the duo's incredible experiences and their personalities perfectly. I especially love that Lucy and Chester can do ANYTHING and how that could ignite the imagination for any child to believe that anything is possible and to follow their dreams, especially with an intrepid side-kick like Chester! -Susannah Rose Wood, award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director. My favorite new children's book! The illustrations are whimsical, vibrant, and exciting. The verse is both inspiring and poetic, in an engaging and simple but exciting way for kids. I love the way this author includes cultural points of interest like concerts and Shakespeare, as well as well-known landmarks. It makes me want to go around the world. Thanks for helping us explore! - Abigail E. Wright This is an amazing book for young and old. I literally felt like I took a vacation while I read it. Now I truly feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer my next writing project! - Teresa X. Roberts "Lucy and Chester's Amazing Adventures!" is a fun, positive, and beautiful children's book! The story follow's Lucy and her rabbit friend Chester, who embark an epic journey around the world led only by their imagination. Kids will love the clever rhyming and vibrant artwork, and will feel empowered by the power of the own minds. The perfect bed time story! - Michael Baumann From the Author I've always really enjoyed writing fun, meaningful, rhyming stories and to center it around an empowered young girl named Lucy seemed like an exciting challenge. Being a parent myself, I know how important it is to teach children the importance of imagination and empowerment. I couldn't be happier with how this story turned out. From the Back Cover Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure around the world and into the stars? Readers of all ages will be enchanted as they find themselves swept away with Lucy and her very best friend Chester on their exciting adventures! Open your wings, become inspired and let your creativity soar on this fun, rhyming journey that teaches young readers empowerment and the importance of imagination. About the Author G. Brian Benson, founder of Reawaken Media, is an award-winning author, actor, filmmaker, and inspirational speaker. His mission is to wake up the world with conscious, thought-provoking media that inspires. As a 4x Ironman triathlete, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative talents. A parent himself, he understands the importance of creating positive, fun, and empowering literature for children to thrive. Brian lives in Los Angeles, CA where he keeps his gaze skyward. To discover more please go to

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