Hidden Gems of America: Wineries & Vineyards 2019

Hidden Gems of America: Wineries & Vineyards 2019

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Author: Parentesi Quadra

Edition: 1

EISBN: 9788409063048

Format: Kindle eBook

Publisher: Parentesi Quadra

Release Date: 2018-10-24


Hidden Gems of America. Best of the Best Wines of America you never knew existed!

Informative, entertaining and interesting, Hidden Gems of America: Wineries and Vineyards 2019 is a unique compilation of American wineries and vineyards that produce high quality wines but are not yet celebrated nationwide. As the title also suggests, the book aims to cover these “Hidden Gems” and share them with the consumer and the industry as a whole. Here we are talking about wines from California to Virginia, from New York to Washington, all American wines of high quality regardless of scale. The book provides ample information about each winery; its history, owners, vineyards, wine making, wines and more.

Languages: English