Halloween Glow in the Dark Wine Bottle Label Stickers (8 Labels)

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Brand: Morbid Enterprises

Color: Scary Horror - Glow in the Dark


  • Horror Inspired Bottle Labels with Unique and Clever Drink Titles
  • Each Label Glows, Both In the Dark and Under A Blacklight
  • Label Stickers are Easy to Apply
  • Fits a Standard 750ml Bottle
  • Adds a Frightful Touch to Any Bottle

Publisher: Morbid Enterprises

Details: Affix these Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Wine Bottle Labels to your bottles of liquid refreshment and your guests might think twice about their drink. Use these wickedly fun stickers to turn all your drinks into ghoulishly wicked and fun treats. Each pack of labels is sold as a set of eight, which ensures that you get one of each clever label. You'll get a label for Astaroth demon essence. You'll get a label for label for black cat labeled wicked witch brew. You'll get a label for nosferatu vampire blood, which is bottled in Transylvania since 1897. You'll get a label for zombie's brain juice. You'll get a label for memento mori poison, which guarantees expiration. You'll get a label for black crow voodoo potion. You'll get a label for werewolf blood. And lastly, you'll get a label for kiss of death elixir. And the best part is that each of these stickers are designed to glow, both in the dark and when exposed to a blacklight. Each label comes as a sticker so it can be easily applied to any standard sized bottle of 750ml. Don't serve your Halloween refreshments in standard bottles when you can wrap them in Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Wine Bottle Labels to change them boring and mundane into wicked and wonderful Halloween beverages!

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